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Biography of Lawrence J. Revit

Lawrence J. Revit began professional work in audio engineering as an apprentice recording studio engineer in 1970. Continuing his recording engineering work throughout the 70’s, he concurrently obtained a bachelor of music degree (cum laude) in music engineering from the University of Miami School of Music, which includes a minor in electrical engineering. At the conclusion of that program, a progressive hearing loss began to set in. Following an introduction to communication biophysics as a research affiliate at the Research Laboratory of Electronics at M.I.T., he enrolled in the graduate program in audiology and hearing impairment at Northwestern University in 1983, receiving a research masters degree in 1987. His masters thesis in loudspeaker placement for improved reliability of real-ear measurements contributed to what is now standard clinical practice.

After a brief stint at the research and development laboratory at Siemens Hearing Instruments, he joined Frye Electronics Inc. in 1988, beginning more than a half decade of innovations and publications on using test-box and real-ear measurements in the fitting of hearing aids. He has also been part of the ANSI working group that creates national standards for hearing aid measurements, he has contributed chapters on hearing aid measurement to major textbook publications in the field of audiology, and he has served as a peer reviewer for scholarly journals in the field.

Since 1994, he has been an independent consultant to companies, institutions, and individuals involved in the ear and hearing. During this time he co-developed the patent-pending R-SPACE™ sound system, the only laboratory sound system clinically proven to produce accurate behavioral results on tests of speech intelligibility in noise using directional microphones. He also has developed a patent-pending sound amplification method that is in use in telephone products for hearing-impaired listeners, and has engineered the audio for the QuickSIN™ and BKB-SIN™ CDs used in the clinical testing of hearing in noise.

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